The Errs of Beauty

Nothing puts life in perspective like burning your eyelid with a straightener. Seriously, what’s more important than eyes?

We all primp in front of the mirror each day, attempting to achieve society’s ideal of beauty. We put make-up on (and this goes for both men and women. This is an equal opportunity blog.), goop up our hair, and dust over priced powder on our face all so we can go out and face the day while rubbing all that work off on our smart phones.

Yes, my friends. Its all fun and games until you almost burn your eye off your face.

More importantly, it makes me wonder why I was concentrating so hard on flipping out the ends of my hair that I did not notice how close my 370 degree straighter was to my face. It makes me think that maybe we all focus on the wrong things in life. When we should worry about keeping our eyes and faces from melting off, we’re really worried about whether or not we can control our fly-aways.

See what can happen?

See what can happen?

Alas, my friends. We are all vain and shallow. We all pursue perfection and then mess our face up, which then makes us imperfect and possibly disfigured. Oh to be human and in need of mascara.

The moral of this story is to ALWAY PAY ATTENTION TO THE STRAIGHTENER.

Oh, and don’t forget to love yourself and all that jazz.


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