Ink Blotting 101

Oh, hello there. Nice to see you. Tea and crumpets? You don’t know what a crumpet is? Hmmmm. Me either. Let’s just eat cookies. *grabs cookies*

Welcome to Tales of an Ink Blotter. I’m your head Ink Blotter Sophia. You may be wondering to yourself, why I am eating cookies and what is an ink blotter? Let me explain.

First, cookies are delicious and you should always eat them, obviously. Life is too short to fuss around with fancy things such as crumpets.

Second, ink blotting is my made up term for writing about all the things.



Since I was four years old I’ve felt most at home writing. Today I am working on my first novel and hoping to get it finished within the next year.

But, wait…there’s more!

I’m also a reader, watcher of entirely too much Netflix, completely obsessed with Doctor Who, powerlifter, and person who enjoys a nice bowl of cereal.

So as you can see, while writing is my main passion, its not my only topic of choice. So never fear, there will be variety here! I would also love to have a lot of interaction with all of you out there. I want to know what you think about various topics. I want to know what you like to read. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE COOKIE?


No seriously, TELL ME!

Let’s be creative, interact, and not be afraid to be ourselves. Ink blotting is about recording our world from our own unique point of view. Ink blotters can write it, draw it, paint it, vlog it, sing it, play it, and so on.


Also I like to rant a lot. But, who doesn’t? Who doesn’t like a good rant now and then? Huh?

Popular culture anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Okay. Enough rambling. I hope this gave you a small insight into what I want to do here. I hope you enjoy what I do and I look forward to seeing you all again soon!



2 thoughts on “Ink Blotting 101

  1. Firefly, then Serenity, in that order (under penalty of shunning).

    Also, one must watch Joe Versus the Volcano.

    Without those as a basis, human beings cannot really communicate at any meaningful level.

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